The HCA International Foundation whose objectives are to support education and training, is sponsored by HCA International and has also been generously supported by the Welton Foundation, an independent charity.

More details about the HCA International Foundation can be seen at  I hope you can visit the web site to have a broader understanding of the scope of the Awards.

The HCA Foundation has granted substantial funds to senior trainees and newly appointed consultants. In the last thirteen years we have made annual awards to 157 senior trainees and young consultants with an average award of over £5,400. Although the majority of these were for surgical specialties the Trustees of the HCA International Foundation would be happy to sponsor suitable candidates in any field of medicine.  In particular we have seen a surge of interest in other specialties such as interventional radiology, cardiology and paediatrics.

I should stress that we do not support pure research applications but only hands-on training in specific techniques or disease processes so that candidates can gain experience that may be lacking in their normal training programme or when they start in NHS consultant practice. Awards have been made in diverse areas such as endoscopic mucosal resection for early GI cancer, foot and ankle surgery, paediatric and adult cochlear implantation, treatments of advanced head and neck cancer, brachial plexus surgery, techniques in the management of advanced colonic and rectal tumours, training in sub-segmental liver resection and skull base problems, paediatric cardiac anaesthesia, trauma surgery, minimally invasive cardiac procedures, paediatric vitreoretinal surgery, selective dorsal rhizotomy for children with cerebral palsy, video-EEG for epilepsy management, new techniques for treating paediatric hydrocephalus and many others.

This shows the wide clinical interests of our applicants and our successful applicants have had training attachments around the world in prestigious units in, Australia, America, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Japan and in many European centres. The value of these awards has ranged between £1,000 to £15,000 depending on the nature and length of the proposed fellowships.

This is an opportunity to help and support young doctors to obtain overseas training fellowships and we would be most grateful if your College or Association could promote this through your bulletins, websites or newsletters to your fellows and members. Please see full details of the BMJ notice below.

HCA International Foundation 2020

Travelling Scholarships to study new medical, surgical and interventional advances up to £15,000

For the fourteenth year running, the HCA International Foundation is encouraging medical education by offering a number of grants to doctors seeking overseas Travelling Fellowships.  They will be awarded to candidates who wish to advance their training and practice by visiting institutions abroad in order to learn new techniques and to advance the practice of Surgery and Medicine for the ultimate benefit of patients in the NHS.  Applicants should be Registrars on a Specialist Training Programme or Consultants within 5 years of their appointment.  Awards are based on the written applications and selected interviews. Interviews will take place in November subject to any restrictions imposed by the Covid19 situation.

The closing date for applications is September 13th 2020.

For more information and to apply online, visit: