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Undergraduate Education

Phase 1

Phase 1

Early clinical experience that considers all disciplines in the context of a patient’s presentations.
Phase 2

Phase 2

Focusing on evolving clinical learning through apprenticeship in the form of hospital placements.


Supporting University of Leicester Medical School end of year and final exams

Training Programmes

Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme

This is a two-year training programme for newly qualified doctors and is necessary to practise as a doctor in the UK.
Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Training

IMT is a three year programme which includes experience in intensive care medicine, geriatric medicine and outpatients.
General Practice

General Practice

General practice / family medicine is defined as the medical specialty that manages common illnesses.
Core Surgical Training

Core Surgical Training

Core Surgical Training follows the ISCP curriculum which includes generic skills applicable to all surgeons.

Team & Resources

Clinical Skills Unit


Each centre has a variety of rooms and lecture theatres available for booking.



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Junior Doctors

For trainees and locally employed doctors of all grades working in UHL
Junior Doctors working in UHL
Junior Doctors
Junior doctor Mobile
Local support for our junior doctors
Local support for our junior doctors Tablet
Local support for our junior doctors Mobile

Local support for our junior doctors

The Department of Clinical Education support junior doctors of all grades and specialties. We work closely with programme staff at NHSE and provide in-house support for Foundation trainees and LEDs.


Our Doctors Tick
Our Doctors Tick Mobile

Centre of England

Leicester is within 1 hour driving distance from major cities including Birmingham and Nottingham, whilst only over 1 hour train will get you directly to the centre of London. If you enjoy the great outdoors, Peak District is only an hour drive away. For a more local excursion, why not go to Rutland Water or Beacon Hill?
Our Doctors Tick
Our Doctors Tick Mobile

Clinical experience

With a large catchment area and the busiest A&E in Europe, the variety of clinical cases will be beneficial to your education and development.
Our Doctors Tick
Our Doctors Tick Mobile

Cost of living

As one of the most affordable cities in the UK, the average cost of living is >40% more affordable than London. With an average 2 bedroom property costing £180k, it is also an affordable city to find your dream home.

Useful information for junior doctors

Every new trainee to UHL will receive a corporate induction and a local induction.

Corporate induction is a high level induction which welcomes you to the Trust and covers statutory and mandatory items such as Fire, Moving and Handling etc. Corporate Induction is currently run in an online format and is valid for 2 years.

A local induction is provided by your department within your own workplace. This induction is tailored towards helping you do your job more efficiently and effectively at the start of your rotation. Your Junior Doctor Administrator will provide details of local induction when you start.

At UHL, we provide colour coded lanyards to our doctors to help staff and patients identify the relevant grades of doctors.

Is there something bugging you?

Have you got ideas about improving patient safety?

Maybe you’ve come up with a way to make handover quality better, noticed staffing issues or stumbled across some guidelines you could improve.

UHL introduced a local process for junior doctors to report issues. The GRIPE tool is on the intranet so easily accessible. The Freedom to Speak up Guardian reviews all gripes and forwards onto relevant senior staff in the trust
Let us know – visit INsite and search for the ‘GRIPES REPORTING TOOL’.

If we don’t know, we can’t change it.

Study leave funding is available to our junior doctors to enhance their training.


It is important that all juniors clearly read the guidance related to their situation:

  • Training Grades: NHSE has responsibility for setting the strategy for Curriculum Study Leave, for managing the online application system (Intrepid Leave Manager – www.intrepidv10.co.uk/HEE/), managing the budget and for hearing appeals. The online application system was launched in August 2013 and manages Curriculum Study Leave applications for all trainees in the East Midlands region.
  • Once junior doctors have applied for your study leave, been on the course and may be wanting to claim back their expenses – they will do this through UHL. More information, including claim forms, can be found on INsite, our local intranet.
  • Trust Grades & Physician Associates: As a Trust we were an early adopter and led the way in supporting our Trust Grade doctors and Physician Associates with study leave. More information, including claim forms, can be found on INsite, our local intranet.
  • OOP (T/R/E) – The national study leave guidance has been updated to support OOPT trainees with study leave entitlements, bringing national policy in line with NHSE East Midlands’ policy and ensuring an equitable experience for trainees across the country. These applications will only be approved and funded where there is clear evidence linking the application to the specific curriculum requirement for the trainee’s individual specialty.

If the OOPT placement is in the East Midlands, trainees should follow the East Midlands study leave process and NHSE East Midlands will support your study leave through Intrepid.

The Doctors in training committee (DiTC) is a committee of junior doctors FOR juniors doctors.

Comprised of junior doctors from a variety of specialities and grades, this is a UNIQUE organisation to UHL and we work on a variety of trust wide projects working with corporate and managerial teams across UHL to improve the working lives of junior doctors. We make sure YOUR voice is heard at every level and your opinion matters.

DiTC meet bi-monthly to discuss a wide variety of matters all related and impacting on our working lives at UHL. DiTC have representatives from a range of grades and specialities. DiTC is a recognised committee within the corporate structure of UHL MEANING your voices are heard at the highest level.

We often have an audience with board directors and senior figures including the chief executive listening to DiTC.

We have previously campaigned to keep the canteen open for 24 hours ensuring hot food is available all day. We have collaborated with other groups to ensure that YOU have access to free post on call rest facilities. We are continuing to work on improving doctors rest facilities. We have amendments to the annual leave policy ensuring that it is easier for YOU to get time off when needed. These don’t happen without our input and thanks to many that have been before you.

We represent you, so we need to hear from you. If you want to find out more and learn about the side of the hospital/NHS not often encountered. Then get involved, find out who your local representative is, your speciality or grade! And remember your voice matters, nothing happens unless you help to exact change! Email the DiTC Mailbox to get more information or to get involved.

Working less than full time (LTFT) or thinking about reducing your hours?


LTFT trainees in UHL are supported by a named clinical lead. Regular workshops are offered to supervisors of LTFT doctors to enhance support and an understanding of the LTFT challenges. Application for LTFT is via the relevant specialty school, through NHSE. Please use the ‘contact us’ feature if you have any LTFT questions or want to contact the UHL lead.

Trainees who have had an absence greater than 3 months are offered support by a trust Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) champion.

A programme of teaching is offered, including simulation and creative reflective practice sessions. Workshops are also offered to supervisors to enhance support and an understanding of the challenges for trainees returning to work.Please use the ‘contact us’ feature if you have any SuppoRTT questions or want to contact the UHL lead.

UHL is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment for locally employed doctors (LEDs)

We have a large community of locally employed doctors and a support network which includes a dedicated teaching programme designed for those new to NHS and UK and regular drop in sessions for any doctor to discuss their career development and wellbeing with a senior member of the education team. We have a dedicated UHL Trust Grade whatsapp group used to disseminate information and a dedicated administrator within the clinical education department. We offer free access to the HORUS e portfolio and have a bank of learning resources to support you in your professional development.

We provide support and guidance to departments to ensure supervision is in place and access to study leave time & funding is available.

Do get in touch with us the UHL LED education team by using the contact us feature.

UHL Doctors Mess is run for doctors, by doctors!

Are you a Junior Doctor looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate during your on calls? Are you a Junior Doctor struggling to find a place to work in peace? 

We have a mess on each of the three sites, Leicester General, Glenfield and Leicester Royal Infirmary, exclusively for members!. All 3 sites have received major renovations over the last few years.

If you become a member of the Mess you get access to the following benefits:

  • Access to mess facilities across all 3 sites
  • Enjoy our hot food deliveries coming 2-3 times a week at lunch to all 3 sites
  • Sky TV with sky sports at all 3 sites
  • Tea and coffee machines at all 3 sites (with a new bean to cup machine coming to LRI in August)
  • Brand new sofas at all 3 sites
  • Grocery deliveries

There is access to secure lockers across our three mess sites, and access to UHL Trust computers outside the ward environment. We are installing swipe card access to improve security at all 3 sites and safeguard our members. 

We also host regular inclusive events with more information on upcoming events available on our website. 

Future plans involve expansion of our sites at LRI and GH to include extra rest and wellbeing facilities in addition to our current offering. The more members we have the bigger case we can make for these improvements.  

We have also designed a YouTube video giving further information on the mess facilities, you can access the video here.

Members get all this for a bargain of £15 a month! It takes 2 minutes to sign up for the mess using our PayPal subscription gateway. You can access this by clicking sign up or by accessing the mess website below.

If you want to learn more about the Doctors Mess you can access the website by clicking UHL Doctors Mess

Want to get in-touch? Contact the Team: uhldoctorsmess@gmail.com

UHL have annual Medical Educator Awards to recognise the hardwork and dedication of our staff.

The awards are launched in May with a presentation ceremony in September and there are a number of categories for junior doctors:

  • Rising Star/Most Promising Teacher
  • Most Inspiring Role Model
  • Outstanding Contribution to Training
There are additional categories for senior medical staff, an education team, educational support and an innovation award. An initial nomination process invites all UHL staff to nominate a colleague. A voting process follows whereby a winner and runner up are identified from each category.

Training Programmes

Educational facilities across all 3 UHL hospitals

Related Courses

Contact Us

To get in touch please use the contact form and one of the team will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

All doctors at UHL should have a named clinical and educational supervisor. Clinical supervisors are allocated a service level so please speak to your JDA for advice on this. Educational supervisors are allocated at a programme level. You should therefore make contact with your programme administrator or TPD for these.
Parking onsite at UHL is very challenging therefore all staff will be able to make use of the free hopper service to travel between sites by showing the driver your valid UHL ID badge. If you are tired before you travel home then you are able to make use of our onsite accommodation and your JDA can advise you about how to book this.
Internal jobs are shared on our recruitment pages http://jobs.jobsatleicestershospitals.nhs.uk/. All of our external jobs are posted on NHS Jobs www.jobs.nhs.uk/.
The pay date for all staff is the 27th of each month. Any additional claims must be received by payroll before the 1st of that month to be included in that month’s pay. Study leave claim forms can take up to two months for reimbursement.
The Trust has limited onsite parking which you can apply for once you have started in post. You can request a parking form as part of your induction process.

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Senior Doctors

UHL employs and supports over 800 senior doctors at Consultant, Specialty Grade or in Honorary positions.
Senior Doctor Desktop
Senior Doctor Tablet
Senior Doctor Mobile

Visit Education Hub

UHL employees can register for our interactive Education Hub. Use your UHL email address to sign up for notifications, latest education news and courses. Use the Hub to access teaching resources and discussion boards and share your own teaching material with colleagues across the trust. Use the teaching calendar to find out what’s happening across UHL and download this to your personal device.