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Undergraduate Education

Phase 1

Phase 1

Early clinical experience that considers all disciplines in the context of a patient’s presentations.
Phase 2

Phase 2

Focusing on evolving clinical learning through apprenticeship in the form of hospital placements.


Supporting University of Leicester Medical School end of year and final exams

Training Programmes

Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme

This is a two-year training programme for newly qualified doctors and is necessary to practise as a doctor in the UK.
Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Training

IMT is a three year programme which includes experience in intensive care medicine, geriatric medicine and outpatients.
General Practice

General Practice

General practice / family medicine is defined as the medical specialty that manages common illnesses.
Core Surgical Training

Core Surgical Training

Core Surgical Training follows the ISCP curriculum which includes generic skills applicable to all surgeons.

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Latest Update: Covid-19 impact on Clinical Education

A message of gratitude from the UK CMOs and Medical Directors of Public Health England and NHS England can be found here.

UPDATED: 04/05/2020

HEE have published the latest information relating to recruitment process and ARCPs

  1. COVID-19 Statement for applicants recruitment update

The cancellation of face to face recruitment processes has led to an unavoidable delay in the overall recruitment timeline. Recruitment timelines have been revised and it is envisaged that all recruitment processes will be completed in time to ensure that commencement dates remain as August 2020.


2. Enabling Progression at ARCP

To enable as many trainees to progress to the next stage in their training as possible, a number of changes have been introduced for ARCPs which are scheduled to take place before August 2020:


1)    Redefining the composition of ARCP panels to facilitate as many ARCPs as possible to be carried out;


2)    Ascertaining the minimum curriculum requirement, compatible with maintaining patient safety for each specialty for each year of training to inform when a trainee can progress;


3)    Identifying compensatory evidence that ARCP panels can consider when normal evidence is not available;


4)    Defining critical progression points for each training programme;


5)    Prioritising ARCPs when there are pre-existing significant concerns about the clinical capability/fitness to practise/revalidation of the trainee or where the trainee is at a critical progression point in their programme


6)    Introduction of two new ARCP Outcomes – Outcomes 10.1 and 10.2 which recognise that the trainee was achieving progress and developing competences/capabilities at the expected rate but that acquisition of some capabilities has been delayed by the impact of COVID-19.


Updated: 30/04/2020



Coronavirus (Covid-19) information for trainees


Covid-19 Specialty Recruitment Plans



UPDATED: 01/04/2020




Supporting and Escalating Concerns in Clinical Education during Covid-19


Each organisation will have policies that enable its staff to raise and escalate concerns and HEE would encourage healthcare learners to raise any concerns in this way in the first instance, particularly if the above minimum requirements are not being met. However, it is important that, during this time of intense pressure on NHS services, HEE also continues to enable learners to provide feedback on the clinical learning environment.’


UPDATED: 31/03/2020 




Letter to trainees from Health Education England.


UPDATED: 27/03/2020.




  1. Temporary suspension of PYA process during Covid 19
  2. Advice from Medical Schools on actions surrounding Covid-19.


UPDATED: 19/03/2020. 




The trust have received an update from Dr Jonathan Corne, Postgraduate Dean. Letters have also been sent to all trainees from HEE and the 4 UK Statutory Education Bodies, the Medical Royal Colleges and GMC.




UPDATED: 18/03/2020.




Health Education England have issued guidance to trusts on managing the impact of COVID-19 in medical training. A letter from Professor Sheona Macleod can be found on iNsite and updates will be posted as soon as they are released.


The Postgraduate Dean has also released a statement along with a guidance document.


The joint Chief Medical Officers, National Medical Director and GMC have issued a letter with regards to supporting doctors.


All of these documents can be found in the Clinical Education section on iNsite.


For any further Coronavirus updates or information, please go to the iNsite homepage where you will see the tab for Coronavirus.


UPDATED: 13/03/2020.