My name is Sarah Edwards and I’m the Doctors in Training Committee (DiTC) Chair. For those who have not heard about us, the DiTC, is a committee of doctors, less than consultant grade who are your voice for change. We sit on multiple committees aiming to make sure that that our voices are heard. Everything from car parking, wellbeing, through to rotas and pay, training and lots of other things.

Firstly, I wanted to acknowledge everyone’s hard work in the current climate and to emphasise the need to look after yourselves.

Also, if you are not getting the training opportunities you should, please can you exception report this? COVID is not a reason for you to not have the training opportunities.

Please spare a couple of minutes to view a YouTube video which was recorded just before COVID – when we were able to meet face-to-face! Meetings are currently held through MS Teams.

If you have any questions, comments please get in touch.