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Undergraduate Education

Phase 1

Phase 1

Early clinical experience that considers all disciplines in the context of a patient’s presentations.
Phase 2

Phase 2

Focusing on evolving clinical learning through apprenticeship in the form of hospital placements.


Supporting University of Leicester Medical School end of year and final exams

Training Programmes

Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme

This is a two-year training programme for newly qualified doctors and is necessary to practise as a doctor in the UK.
Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Training

IMT is a three year programme which includes experience in intensive care medicine, geriatric medicine and outpatients.
General Practice

General Practice

General practice / family medicine is defined as the medical specialty that manages common illnesses.
Core Surgical Training

Core Surgical Training

Core Surgical Training follows the ISCP curriculum which includes generic skills applicable to all surgeons.

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Clinical Skills Unit


Each centre has a variety of rooms and lecture theatres available for booking.



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The future of Clinical Education

The current Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted upon the delivery of clinical education and training. Ensuring the safety of patients, staff and students limits traditional face-to-face teaching and as such, approaches to clinical education must evolve to encompass new attitudes, opportunities and methods.

The need to maintain educational activities remains paramount as even short-lived gaps in education risks profound impacts upon the current and future proficiency of healthcare workers, as well as implications on career progression and future workforce availability.

Despite the challenges that this crisis places upon clinical education, there is now an opportunity for the development of innovative teaching methods, many of which may prove more effective than traditional, pre-Covid-19 methods.

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