Junior Doctors


Undertaking your training as a junior doctor at University Hospitals of Leicester can be a very rewarding process. You will receive exposure to a very diverse population within a very large acute trust. This, coupled with excellent supervision provisions, will help you to develop the skills needed to succeed within your chosen career path. 

If you require any further information that is not detailed within this section, or if you need some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Doctors in Training Committee

UHL has a very active Doctors in Training Committee (DiTC). The remit of the committee is to act on the best interests of the junior doctor body and has an influence throughout the Trust. The committee is formed of junior doctors (mix of grades and specialties), representatives from Department of Clinical Education and HR.

Junior Doctors Mess

The UHL Doctors Mess is an organisation run for junior doctors, by junior doctors! There is a mess facility at each of our three hospital sites where members can go to have a break.


Every junior doctor must attend a Corporate Induction if they have not worked within the Trust for more than 12 months. Every trainee, regardless of when they last worked at UHL, should receive a local induction within your department area. All trainees are expected to keep up-to-date with their statutory and mandatory training.


Junior doctors: Is something bugging you? Have you got ideas about improving patient safety. Let us know – visit INsite and search for the ‘Gripes Reporting Tool’. This tool does not replace the Datix system. If an adverse event or near miss occurs, a Datix report must be filed simultaneously.